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What we offer

Pronunciation made easy… through music!

By practicing speaking and listening with the lyrics of popular songs, you’ll learn tips on rhythm, flow, and informal articulation that will have you imitating the natural flow of North American English.

Once you master the rhythm patterns, you’ll find yourself speaking with greater confidence than ever before. 

Stress free, interactive sessions will give you the tools to continue to improve.



Take advantage of the special price of $30 for a 30-minute Introductory, 1:1 Session.

Inquire about a 10 week pronunciation series, customized to your needs.  Discover how your accent can be dramatically reduced when the vowel and consonant sounds of English are made clear and simple.

Group sessions are also available.

Email for further information.

Read on for a further learning opportunity boost your confidence in your voice…

July Educational Tour for International Students

Hallowell Gardens and FH International High School are organizing a crosscultural tour for students interested in studying in Canada.

This customized language and culture immersion experience will take participants to places of interest in three different parts of Ontario: the Greater Toronto Area, Niagara, and Prince Edward County.

Week One includes transportation from the airport to the residence at Centennial College, on site ESL classes, sightseeing excursions around the city, and to Niagara Falls.

Week Two features guided learning experiences at Belleville’s Loyalist College, plus visits to the world famous Sandbanks Provincial Park and Lake on the Mountain in the County.

All ESL coaching sessions will focus on listening/speaking practice.

Download flyer here for more information, and contact to register by May 31, 2022.

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Join the online chapter of Shout Sister Choir, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of putting your song lyrics to music!

Award-winning founder and Director Georgette Fry will train you in vocalizing as part of an intergenerational choir designed for women who don’t read music, and may think they can’t sing.

Since 2002, Georgette has helped women enjoy the experience of singing… with all its benefits for health and memory. 

Join the online choir chapter on Monday evenings, Dec 6-April 25.

For more information, see contact details on our poster.

Listen to the interview with Georgette to find out more about how the choir got started, and has grown to include many chapters across Ontario. Then enjoy a virtual performance of Toronto songwriter Ken Whiteley’s That’s When I Need a Song!

Watch the interview listen to the music here

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