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Hallowell Gardens was purchased in 2000 by Renia Tyminski from the granddaughter of the Van Dusen family, who built it in 1901. It is a United Empire Loyalist heritage property, constructed of oak and stone found on the original estate. Since becoming a Lifelong Learning Centre, it has been visited by clients from South America, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East for customized cross-cultural education programmes and educational tours. The nearby town of Picton offers a range of facilities and community events, along with year round cultural activities. Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, a short drive north of Hallowell Gardens, offers visitors the opportunity to meet First Nations artists, entrepreneurs, and musicians.


What can Hallowell Gardens look like in 5 years?

The interest in nature-based and wellness related education programs is on the rise. PEC is an island with 800 kms of coastline, and a rural agricultural economy. It has attracted musicians and creatives in the visual arts in recent years. There is also a growing infrastructure of enterprises dedicated to sustainable land use practices, holistic wellness, and resilient local community building. After 18 years of social capital investment by its director and sole proprietor, Hallowell Gardens Centre for Listening and Lifelong Learning, is well positioned, on 1.8 acres of naturalized landscape, to serve as a cultural and educational community hub. Extensive partnerships and collaborations with diverse community initiatives and enterprises are now well rooted.


A variety of community-driven initiatives have been generated in the Prince Edward County region since 2000. Hallowell Gardens is one of these, reflecting the values of social enterprise – People, Planet and Profit. It is a business model constructed on long term and inclusive thinking. Its aim is to contribute to a resilient local economy and community well being. Hallowell Gardens has an established reputation as a meeting place for the discussion and promotion of local entrepreneurial activities that enhance personal and social well being.

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