Sébastien Clermont graduated from York University with a degree in film production. His work comprises short documentaries, animations and experimental films on subjects ranging from the war on drugs to mental health and shamanism. Sebastien's industry experience includes editing the feature film Bare Transit (2020) and videography/editing work for corporate and non-profit organizations, as well as freelance and travel filmmaking.



He has been collaborating with Renia Tyminski on film and photography projects for Hallowell Gardens education initiatives since 2018.

Rihab Ibrahim has been part of the creative team for educational filmmaking since June 2019. For Canadian context background training, she has participated in an immersion weekend at Hallowell Gardens, a video demonstration of sound-based ESL training, and has contributed her insights into cultural training for Arabic speakers.


She is a participant in the Hallowell Gardens pilot project for curriculum building around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through transformative education methods.