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Renia Tyminski

565 Hwy 49

Picton ON


(613) 476-0472


Renia Tyminski. Ph.D., is a multidisciplinarian and founder of a crosscultural education centre in Prince Edward County. For 20 years she has been offering customized educational experiences at Hallowell Gardens near Picton.

She has taught at two Ontario Universities, and since 1989 she has worked in newcomer and refugee settlement in the GTA. Independent research into the neuroscience of language learning has been part of her method and training approach since the 1990s.

As a founding member of the County Sustainability Group and Transition PEC, she's actively involved in training, consulting, and community.

Her social enterprise networks and connections include Shout Sister Choir, the Youth and Parents Association of Markham, Canadian Victory Gardens, and Advancing New Canadian Women in Technology at the University of Ottawa. 


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